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I just want to be HAPPY

We all think the term happy means different things. Webster says happy is an adjective that means feeling or showing pleasure or contentments, a few synonyms are cheerful, joyful, carefree, and satisfied. The crazy part about life is that we learn what being happy means by the environments we are in and the things we see. When it comes to romantic relationships, we learn how they are supposed to operate and what we deem acceptable with each different relationship we are in and also take a note or two from the relationships other people around us are in as well. As I watch people in relationships around me I have only come to a few conclusions:

1. Some people operate in dysfunction better than they do without it

2. Some people question when they feel genuine happy feelings versus when they are operating in chaos they accept it without question

3. Happiness is a choice and sometimes we are scared to be happy because our past has taught us not to and thus choose to be content in dysfunction

I realized a year or so ago that many people are choosing un-happy and not even realizing it. Why would anyone sign up to be in an unhappy state? I don't think they are signing up but in essence staying in it because of fear, uncertainty, time, and believe it or not they don't know what happy feels like. Happiness is a feeling that when it takes over and you have never felt it before you question it as though you are not deserving of it or something... and guess what...YOU DESERVE IT AND YOU SHOULD ACCEPT IT AND ENJOY THE RIDE! People operate in dysfunction so much that they are not aware that the happiness that they see in these romance novels or romantic movies are in fact attainable for them as well. Being Happy is not unrealistic at all you just have to meet the right person at the right time and then BOOM you are feeling all the feels that you never dreamed of and guess the fuck feels damn good! STOP questioning when someone comes into your space and gives you butterflies, matches your fly and makes you smile even during text exchanges and START questioning when he or she doesn't answer a text after 4 hours and drop the person who cant spend time with you on the weekends and they are not at work. We all deserve to be happy...point blank...period!

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1 Comment

Dec 18, 2018

" Some people operate in dysfunction better than they do without it " is a powerful statement. It seems that as long as things appear to look happy on the outside, the torture of not being truly happy is the price paid.

I agree with Abraham Hicks who describes happiness in love as, " a feeling of steady love, a love that is deep and gets deeper, an appreciation that is easy and flows easily, lightheartedness, sensual, satisfying, happiness, anticipation, eagerness, satisfying, joyful, enlivenment, anticipation, openness,  delicious, adventure..." If it can't be that MOST of the time, then what are we doing to ourselves?

Great Post!

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