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Confetti, a Romance Expedition: a modern day love story about a woman named Rashida Stevens. A career driven, young, single mother with an eager appetite for all things love. She finally confronts that true love when she met Terrance Anderson. A love story that volleys back and forth between past and present events as Rashida recants how she ended up unapologetically in love. She recalls everything from her first love to her first heartache and a few other life events that molded her into the person she is to date. On their wedding day, Rashida is confronted by an ex-lover, which mentally takes her to a place she wasnt ready to deal with. While closing the single chapter of her life, the new married chapter brings forth drama that threatens her new found happiness by Kim Thomas (the homewrecker). The marriage she prayed for for so long, worked so hard to build, all of a sudden reeked of infidenlity. The chaos, lies, and betrayal caused the memories of Rashida's prior relationships to re-surface. The unexpected soon erupts as she takes to an explosive warpath in an effort to take back her man, her family, and her marriage...all in the name of love. 


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